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Why restore the tool?

BRICE offers regrinding and recoating services for drills and cutters. The tool needs not only careful handling, but also professional maintenance.

Drills and cutters after regrinding on BRICE equipment operate in the same mode as new tools. Regrinding is more economical than buying new tools.

Don't wait for a worn tool to cause scrap, and don't try to sharpen drills or cutters yourself. Manipulations performed by BRICE professionals on high-tech equipment allow achieving high performance - up to 85% of productivity corresponds to a new tool. You can improve performance by applying a special wear-resistant multi-layer coating. Its properties increase tool performance and resistance to negative impacts, provide easy chip flow.

BRICE will give new life to tools in no time, saving you time and money.

Manufacture of special tools

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Manufacture of special tools