Regrinding and restoration of drills

BRICE offers drill regrinding and recoating services. The tool needs not only careful handling, but also professional maintenance. The company has installed the necessary modern high-tech equipment, which allows you to restore the performance of Russian-made drills and world brands in the shortest possible time.

How to determine if a tool needs regrinding and recoating

It is recommended to give metal drills for sharpening only if signs of blunting of the cutting edge are found. The problem is defined by the following parameters:

• Increased noise level during equipment operation

• Metal shavings have acquired a fine fraction

• The tool starts to heat up quickly

When working on metal with a blunt drill, a high-frequency sound will occur, which appears due to the friction of the edge on the workpiece of the future product. Continued drilling in this mode will cause the cutting tool to overheat. As a result, there is a danger of getting a defective batch. It is recommended to stop working with a failed drill and turn to professionals for help.

In the early stages of tool sharpening, helical chips sometimes disappear. If the equipment is set up correctly, but too small chips are generated during operation, it is time to give the drill for sharpening.

Refurbished Tool Indicators

Drills after regrinding on BRICE equipment operate in the same mode as new tools. Up to 85% productivity of remanufactured drills for metal and coating is the same as new ones. Regrinding drills is more economical than purchasing new tools.

It is not recommended to sharpen drills yourself. Professionals working in the production of BRICE metal drills will help you get the desired result in a short time.

Manufacture of special tools

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Manufacture of special tools