Carbide drill for metal

BRICE brand drills are made of hard alloys and are used to work with various materials, including metal. The catalog presents various shapes, sizes and designs of the tool:

• For processing materials of groups P, K, M

• For processing materials of groups M, S

The advantage of solid carbide drills for metal

The drill, made of alloys of hard materials, shows high performance in the processing of cast iron, plastic, stone, concrete and brick products. The design of the product provides for a feature: special carbide plates are soldered onto the cutting part of the drill. The use of this tool increases the productivity of machining metals, such as cast iron, twice as compared to a tool made of high speed steel.

Carbide drills are used for machining alloyed steel or hardwood products. The tool is heat-resistant, withstands heavy loads and works even at maximum modes.

What to Look for When Choosing Carbide Drills

When choosing a carbide drill, it is recommended to pay attention to the following parameters:

• The steel from which the tool is made must be harder than the material being machined.

• Determine what the drill is for and choose the shape, size and design of the tool for the task at hand

• Drills must match the equipment installed.

• If close tolerances are required, choose a drill with a high accuracy class.

BRICE complies with regulations for the production of solid carbide drills. Professional engineers produce a balanced and durable tool using high-tech equipment. Each batch undergoes quality control and resistance testing under real working conditions. The company's managers will help you choose a tool suitable for the goals and objectives of production, calculate the cost and timing of the manufacture of drills.

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