Solid carbide cutters

Ассортимент изготавливаемой продукции компании BRICE представлен режущими The BRICE product range is represented by cutting tools, including solid carbide milling cutters.

A solid cutter is a cutter whose construction is made of only carbide material. At the base of the tool there are edges necessary for cutting. Such milling cutters significantly save time in production, providing not only fast and efficient processing of the product, but also high quality roughness combined with maximum accuracy.

Advantage of solid carbide cutters

Solid cutters are made from a reliable carbide material that has proven to be heat resistant, heavy duty and wear resistant. Milling cutters produced by BRICE are characterized by rigidity and high accuracy of linear dimensions. The tool is reliable when used in various modes, including maximum ones.

Most cutters are used to work with only one specific type of material. Solid carbide cutters are suitable for most materials. The tool is indispensable in the processing of hardened steel with a hardness up to 65 HRC, heat-resistant alloys, and non-ferrous alloys.

The tool copes with work at high temperatures, without losing operational properties. The cutting elements of a solid carbide milling cutter have a tool life that is comparatively higher than that of the same HSS tool.

Monolithic milling cutters manufactured by BRICE are manufactured on advanced equipment, undergo the necessary tests and control at each stage of production. Each batch of the tool is evaluated for real durability and quality level in work. Wear-resistant coating TIALN ALTIN ​​ALTISIN CRN ensures the service life of cutters for 5-7 years.

Employees of the company will help you choose the right tool for the production tasks, calculate the cost and production time.

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