Carbide cutters for metal

BRICE offers services for the production of carbide milling cutters for metal. Products are manufactured on high-tech equipment, undergo the necessary tests at each stage of production and are of high quality, performance and stability.

A high-precision tool is used for processing ledges and planes, cutting internal and external threads. Carbide cutters are used for difficult-to-machine materials such as non-corrosive steel, high-strength and high-temperature alloys, tungsten and gray cast iron.

Features of carbide cutters

The material of tools, including cutters, manufactured by the BRICE brand is hard alloy. It is distinguished by physical and mechanical characteristics, due to which it has increased hardness, strength and stability. Unlike HSS tools, carbide cutters are capable of operating at 5 to 10 times the speed. Working properties are maintained even when heated to 700-800°C. Carbide tool life is longer than the same tool made from high speed steel, and thanks to the TIALN ALTIN ​​ALTISIN CRN coating, the wear resistance of the product is also increased.

Types, sizes and shapes of the tool

The cutter is the original rotary body with cutting teeth on the surface. The tool in the processing of the product is in contact with the surface of the workpiece.

A wide range of carbide cutters is presented in the BRICE catalogue:

• High performance general purpose

• General purpose

• For machining aluminum alloys

• For machining hot steels

• For finishing

• For processing viscous materials

• For chamfering

The shape of the tool is selected for certain methods of processing the part. Employees of the company will help you decide on the choice of cutter for your tasks. The tool is made both according to the standard nomenclature, and according to drawings of the customer.

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Manufacture of special tools