Making a special tool

The BRICE company will quickly produce a special tool for industrial enterprises for non-standard tasks of the customer. The company employs highly qualified engineers who are ready to develop products for the needs of manufacturers.

Tool making

The company manufactures carbide cutting tools for non-standard tasks, as well as special milling cutters for the needs of the aviation industry. The company has installed high-tech equipment Reinecker WZS70 and Michael Deckel S20, which meets modern requirements. The range of tool diameters is from 3 to 25 mm, manufacturing accuracy is 5 microns.

Particularly high demands are placed on the quality of manufacturing of special tools, since standard ones are often not able to cope with complex tasks due to insufficient reliability or inappropriate design. Therefore, special-purpose tools are manufactured according to the drawings and specifications of the customer. The product material is a fine-grained carbide alloy, which ensures a long product life and high productivity. The finished batch is coated with a wear-resistant TIALN ALTIN ​​ALTISIN CRN coating, which increases tool life.

Quality control

Products manufactured by the BRICE brand are tested for real resistance, as well as control on visual and automated optical inspection machines ZOLLER Smile 420 and ZOLLER pomBasic. The equipment quickly and with high accuracy carries out the measuring process to obtain the necessary data. Manufactured tools are tested at each stage of production, which ensures that the batch is received without defects.

BRICE guarantees the production of special tools in a short time on professional equipment in accordance with the customer's specifications, project management by experienced competent specialists and 100% quality control of the finished product.

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Manufacture of special tools

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Manufacture of special tools