About the company

The BRICE company is a new name in the Russian metalworking market. A young ambitious company is ready to compete with the world's leading brands. Our products fully comply with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2015.

"BRICE" — high-quality carbide drills and cutters for processing various types of materials. The headquarters of our company is located in Togliatti, fully domestic production meets the urgent tasks of import substitution without loss of quality.

The BRICE tool is made of high-quality fine-grained hard alloy, which makes it possible to achieve an optimal combination of durability and performance.

Highly qualified engineers of our company are ready to assist not only in the implementation of standard nomenclature at the customer's enterprises, but also to develop special technical solutions to improve the quality of products and increase processing productivity.

Manufacture of special tools

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Manufacture of special tools